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Businesses have invested in CRM, email and social media marketing, and more recently Marketing Automation suites with little visibility into the entire process from campaign to lead through conversion activity. We leverage existing investments in other technology platforms by providing centralized lead and customer profiles that measure interactions across multi-communication channels. Our solutions provide real-time analytics to multiple constituents involved in the top of the marketing and sales funnel.


Communicating with large lead and customer data sets often leaves voids in key areas and data points associated across sales, marketing, operations and client facing employees. These voids result in an incomplete picture of engagement across different internal company departments. This causes missed opportunities in the acquisition, cross-sell and retention phases of customer lifecycle engagement, and deteriorates customer lifetime value. Our solutions provide real-time activity streams that orchestrate marketing and operational communications to provide a single view for better engagement, regardless of when and where prospective customer and existing customers interact with your brand.


You have worked hard to gain, acquire and grow new customers. One of the most over looked areas in organizations today is Customer Lifecycle Management. Leading organizations invest 50% or more of marketing budgets to retain and sell more to existing customers. However, the majority fall short due to lack of focus on existing customers. It requires new investments in technology and human capital to maximize Customer Lifetime Value. Our business was designed from the ground up to address the needs of Customer Lifecycle Management through our own methodology called CARE — Consumption, Adoption, Retention, Revenue Growth and Engagement. Our solutions help manage the entire lifecycle to ensure your customer relationship investments are creating the results you need. We help you sustain an equal balance of new customers and existing customers, and create the financial results needed to thrive in today’s highly competitive market.


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