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Manage customer communications no matter what form they take.



A new way to cash in on the cloud without big capital investments.


Presentment & Payment

Streamline communications that

affect the Revenue Cycle.

We Manage Interactions and Engagement

With over 15 years experience providing customer-facing and engagement platforms in the cloud, OMI leads the way in today’s consumption driven business world. Simplicity, ease of use, and access to services- anywhere, at any time, with any channel.

Our breadth of knowledge and experience in developing cloud-based tools and services is second to none. This allows us to immediately assist our clients in developing solutions and platforms with real value. Our discovery process dramatically improves platform quality and flexibility while reducing developmental costs. The results are tightly integrated with the fundamental business needs of our clients.

From the beginning, we consider and accommodate all aspect of our client’s communications — from outbound communications to inbound communications — allowing for a true measurement of interaction and engagement. As a result, OMI has become a trusted source for innovative, cloud-based customer-facing platforms that improve brand loyalty and engagement across a number of industries.

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What we're working on

Social Enterprise & OMNI Channel Integration

Tying Marketing Campaigns to the Sales Process

Marketing Supply Chain

Bringing Visability to the Marketing Supply Chain

Cloud CCM

Cloud Customer Communication Management

Enterprise Collaboration

Enabling Business Leaders to make Critical Business Decisions

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